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ms_safari's Journal

21 April
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"affinity" haha!, 3rd trimester lattes, __air raid!, a sob story.an attitude, and a smile, anxiety attacks, avocado sandwiches, avoiding koo koo, bangles, bbq chips, being vampiras, big sunglasses, black and white, blush, bommies incorporated, bootlettes, breaking lip venom, breaking phones, brooklyn zoo, camel lights, chainsmoking, citron+water, coco kiki sasha lattes, composition notebooks, coney island, dancing and falling, darkroom, david bowie, detroit, doing blow, doing damage, dressing up, drunk dialing, ew, eyeliner, f line bagels, falling down stairs, fetus lattes, fig beats yo, graffiti, happy valley, hating musclefaces, herbs, hi-fi's snack mix, hipster parties, josh's blushing bottom, lastnightsparty, late-night scarf+barf, laughing hard as fuck, leggings, les, licking the lime, lip gloss, lip venom, looking hot as fuck, lunatic park, luv american apparel, making dresses, making up words, markers!, max makeout, natty's i-pod, new york city, on the low, pineapple+vodka, pommie birdies, prismacolor markers, regretting eating mcdonalds, regretting the night before, safari, saying bia, saying cuntface, sewing, snacking, sneaking cigs at work, snuggie bunnies, space age make-up, spider, sprint samsung phones, starbucks, starting fights, stupid sagittarius boys, suckit+chuckit, suggesting medication, supreme trading's bathroom, tagging everything!, text messages, the garment district!, the hour of crime, the lost girls, the morning after, the shortest skirts, thecobrasnake, threesomes w.hot boys, toasties, too much kissing, union square, venti caramel mochiatos, venti chai lattes, vodka straight fights, voodoo time, what's good?, white musk, yo cupcakeface, you're my disco